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Meet the 2020 Impact Investing Fellows

Morgan Stasser
Morgan Sasser.png

"My experience with the Rural Opportunity Initiative was very engaging and instructive. Each week, I heard from accomplished guest speakers about the extensive range of career opportunities for those who seek to make an impact in rural America. We discussed topics ranging from investing in under-served communities to innovating in the agricultural sector. I not only gained a deeper understanding of the challenges that face rural communities, I developed a stronger appreciation for the organizations that are fostering economic development, fortifying infrastructure, and improving essential services in these regions"

Xavier Escoto
Xavier Escoto.png

"The Rural Opportunity Initiative has been an incredible platform to round out my network and knowledge base on public private partnerships and the rural investment landscape. The interviews the Rural Opportunity Initiative has conducted on the markets utilization of opportunity zones has been helpful to design experiments for examining the role that financial inclusion plays in the impact of the current pandemic. Additionally, the Rural Opportunity Initiative has been an effective platform to gauge the market's use of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board metrics and frameworks"

Tristan Schnader
Tristan Schnader.jpg

"Working this past summer as a Scholar with the Rural Opportunity Initiative was a chance for me to combine non-profit experience with public policy and various private sector strategies. I got the chance to build on an investment thesis that will use opportunity zones to launch a sustainable farms program. I am grateful to the Rural Opportunity Initiative for broadening my creative understanding around rural investment and also for providing me with a network of experts and peers who share my passion for impact"

Hannah Richards

"I have had the opportunity to get first-hand experience working with pioneer rural economic development and investment companies through the Rural Opportunity Initiative. From learning about the newest innovations from expert guest speakers, to putting into practice my MBA skills through my externship, I have gained valuable professional experience and personal learning. Working with the Rural Opportunity Initiative has given me a unique perspective into the rural economic development and investment space beyond what is taught in the classroom"

Bennet Haynes

"Through the Rural Opportunity Initiative, I have been able to pursue my combined interests in investing and sustainability by applying valuation and strategy skills learned at Georgetown. This provided clarity in understanding how the environmental benefits of the firm contribute to it's financial success. I really enjoyed working with Matt McKenna and the center's corporate partners o do research and analysis of new investment opportunities. I learned first-hand how to lead the venture capital due diligence process in rural business, an area of the economy I really care about"

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