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Unlocking Capital and Catalyzing Investment for Impact
Plant & Irrigation System

Our Work

Business for Impact's Impact Investing Fellowship program serves communities by driving financially and socially sustainable economic development. The program promotes investment in impact through programming, internships, research, partnerships and advocacy.

Each year, the initiative matches students at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business with governments, businesses and organizations to serve on projects that help build capacity, infrastructure and alignment between investors, lenders, institutions and local communities. 

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Areas of Focus

Impact Investing Fellows work across four key areas of focus to drive growth


Community Finance


Connecting rural and underserved communities with financial resources to drive economic development

Green Fields

Community Conservation


Scaling sustainable agriculture and conservation to foster economic activity for local communities

Empty Road



Financing the costs of replacing or upgrading energy and water infrastructure

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Corporate Impact


Supporting corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts that enhance corporate impact 

Our Partners

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Our mission is to unleash the power of business to help people prosper and the planet thrive. We deliver world-class education, purposeful student work, and corporate + community impact with companies, nonprofits, and government leaders to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Guided by our belief that companies succeed by balancing the needs of all stakeholders - communities, customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the planet - we educate and work with students and executives to manage the triple bottom line - people, planet, and profit.

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